The Tesla Model S, first introduced mid-2012, is not currently scheduled to receive a facelift.

“We don’t have plans for retooling Model S at the moment,” said Tesla Communications Manager Khobi Brooklyn.

Tesla P90D

Tesla P90D, released in 2015.

Since its initial launch, Tesla has changed the battery offerings, added an optional front motor, outfitted some with red brake calipers, and upgraded the software. But the appearance of the Model S has changed very little.

Major manufacturers on the other hand are usually prepping by year-four to restyle a given car, and cognizant of that, Popular Mechanic’s Senior Editor Andrew Del-Colle, recently wondered when the next generation of Model S may appear.

“Tesla, like Apple, is about having something beautifully engineered and innovative,” said Del-Colle. “But still, if you drop $100,000 on a car, do you want it to look the same it did five or six years ago and have no idea when an updated version is coming?”

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S from its 2012 debut year.

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Del-Colle also notes that while Tesla may need to switch eventually to a production cycle similar to traditional auto companies, the design of the Model S is still attractive.

“Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, made the car elegant and free of many de rigueur styling cues, giving it a longer life,” Del-Colle noted. “Chances are good that in another two years the Model S will still look completely acceptable on the road.”


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