The guesses had varied. Everyone knew Model 3 would rack up reservations, and some had said 30,00, 40,000, even 100,000, but by the time Elon Musk unveiled it, the car had 115,000.

Not long after, and while the reveal event was still ongoing for the $35,000 EV with 215-plus miles range, the number was climbing into the high 130,000s and who knows how high it will ascend?

The count began before the March 31 date for the general public to begin placing $1,000 refundable deposits as Tesla employees and others had been allowed to sign on.

Beginning in times zones a day ahead of the U.S. on March 31 the numbers began climbing further, and now the countdown has begun for production.

Model 3 is estimated to be in production be end of 2017 said Musk. How long it will be before higher-numbered reservations are filled is not clear.