Tesla is doing its part and helping affected customers caught in the path of Hurricane Florence. The electric-car maker said it has made Supercharging stations free for affected owners.

In a tweet, Tesla said, “In any natural disaster situation like this, our policy is to make Superchargers free of use in order to optimize evacuation routes for affected customers.”

Additionally, Tesla has extended the range of owners’ cars to maximize range via a remote update. Some shorter-range Model S and Model X electric cars actually have larger batteries. The company has unlocked the extra range for these customers even though the cars adhere to their original range estimates. It’s unclear how much the reserve capacity adds to the overall range, but every mile is needed to ensure evacuees steer clear of the storm’s path.

All Tesla owners in the affected areas—even Model 3 owners—will have access to free Supercharging through mid-October. The actions Tesla took as Hurricane Florence approached is standard company policy, the company added.

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Although the time to evacuate has largely passed, Tesla owners returning home after the storm’s clears out can at least take solace knowing their car will be charged at a Supercharger, even if power remains out at their residence.