Tesla corporate treasurer and vice president of finance, Susan Repo, has left the electric vehicle maker.

It’s understood that Repo, who has worked at Tesla since 2013, left to work for another company. Her departure comes just a week after Tesla’s Chief Accounting Officer Eric Branderiz left for personal reasons.

In February, Jon McNeil, the head of sales and service at the automaker, also left for personal reasons. This was an oddly timed departure, seeing as McNeil was leading Tesla’s sales efforts just as the Model 3 was beginning to roll off the Fremont line in larger numbers.

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As Bloomberg points out, these most recent departures join a long list of others at Tesla over the past 12 months, including Chris Lattner, who left its Autopilot engineering team after a stint that lasted less than six months, and Diarmuid O’Connell, its vice president of business development. Tesla’s chief financial officer Jason Wheleer also left last spring.

When speaking to Bloomberg, one expert called on Musk to “stabilize” his company amid high-profile departures and a troubled launch for the Model 3 sedan.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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