This is the first armored Model S P100D, and the company that built it calls it the “fastest bulletproof car in the world.”

When the Tesla Semi launched late last year, Elon Musk boasted that it had nuclear explosion-proof glass. That may or may not be marketing hyperbole, but this Model S will stop a bullet.

Oregon based International Armoring Corporation built the bulletproof Model S for a businessman from the Middle East. It uses its Armormax synthetic laminate armor that protects without using steel.

The synthetic armor let the company built a bulletproof Tesla while adding just 550 pounds to the curb weight of the car. Standard armored cars can add more 3,000 pounds to the original vehicle, which ruins performance in favor of safety.

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The Model S already has an underbody protection panel made from aluminum and titanium, but IAC has added more protection to help safeguard from explosions. It also has occupant protection in the doors, windows, and roof, and run-flat inserts in the tires.

IAC doesn’t say how quick its armored Tesla is, but since adding 550 pounds is pretty close to having three passengers, it’s not likely a big performance hit over the stock P100D’s 2.5-second run to 60 miles per hour.

The company offers the Model S in B4, B5, and B6 ratings. B4 means it will stop handguns up to .44 Magun, B5 protects from rifles like the AK-47, and B6 will stop a high-power 7.62 mm rifle round. For those more versed in firearms, IAC says B6 level will stop a 9.5 gram 7.62 mm cartridge fired at 830 meters per second from a 10-metre range.

From the outside, it’s nearly impossible to tell that this isn’t a standard Tesla Model S. Even from inside, there are few noticeable details. But open the door and the 2.0-inch thick glass becomes obvious.