Tesla Motors will be increasing its retail location presence inside a Nordstrom store.

As a first step, the automaker is launching a pilot project at Nordstrom’s store at The Grove, a multiplex retail center in Los Angeles. Tesla says that if the pilot project takes off, and if both companies are satisfied with the experience, they’ll look into expanding the project to other Nordstrom stores.

Tesla’s new location will take up a 400-square foot section of the store. Nordstrom operates 121 stores in the U.S. and Canada, offering Tesla potential for reaching more upscale, fashionable consumers.

Ganesh Srivats, Tesla’s Vice-President for North America Sales had previous experience working the Nordtrom when he served as a Burberry executive prior to coming over to Tesla. He was said to have played an instrumental role in making the deal.

“[We’re] bringing Nordstrom customers a Tesla experience, and I think for Nordstrom as well, it’s like, How can we target Tesla’s audience?” Srivats said to Fast Company.

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Tesla is still in the process of obtaining a car dealer license to operate at the Nordstrom store in Los Angeles. It will operate as a “gallery” for now. Tesla employees can show off the cars, answer questions, and take shoppers for test drives. If they’re interested in placing an order, they’ll be referred to the nearest Tesla store, which is located only five miles away.

Tesla took a similar move last year overseas. The electric carmakers had a vehicle on display and offered test drives at Harrods, a popular upscale department store in London.