The Tesla Customer Referral Program will end on February 1, 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced via his twitter account this week.

The referral program allows Tesla buyers to hand out a personalized code to friends and family to buy one of the American manufacturer’s electric vehicles. If the new buyer uses the code upon purchase, they receive six months of free Supercharging. If they order the vehicle without having test driven a Tesla, they get an additional three months of free charger access. Owners are allowed to provide up to five friends with their referral code.

It’s still possible to use a referral code to get free supercharging, however, the vehicle must be ordered before February 1, 2019.

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It’s not entirely clear why Musk elected to end the program. It was previously used as an alternative marketing method for Tesla, which doesn’t typically use traditional advertising mediums. It’s possible that Musk thinks Tesla doesn’t need the additional exposure anymore following the launch of a more mainstream product like the Tesla Model 3, which has received widespread media coverage – some good, some not so good.

Tesla just recently announced new referral awards for participating Tesla owners. If owners referred a certain number of customers, they will receive different prizes, the automaker said. One prize, called ‘Launch Your Photo into Deep Space Orbit’, would allow the user to have an image of their choice etched onto glass and sent into “deep space orbit for millions of years.” Other prizes included a Tesla Model S kids’ car, free alloy wheel for the Model 3 and priority access to software updates. Users who referred more than 50 customers are eligible to receive a free ‘Founder’s Series’ Tesla Roadster 2.0 as well. These prizes will no longer be offered after February 1st, obviously.