Tesla has confirmed the delivery of 300,000 vehicles.

In a report by Electrek, as mentioned through a Tesla statement to reporters this week, its latest number includes approximately 286,000 global vehicle deliveries through the end of 2017, with a record-breaking 29,870 vehicles delivered in Q4. No word yet on delivered vehicles for Q1 2018, other than it exceeded the 300,000 mark during this time.

Of the deliveries, the lion’s share belongs to the Model S, clocking in at 212,821, or 74 percent of all units. Following the Model S is the Model X (71,927 units) and the Model 3 (1,700 units).

Tying into the latest milestone is Elon Musk’s successful completion of key obstacles stated in his old compensation plan, one of which was a 300,000 vehicle target. The sole goal missed was hitting 30 percent profit in four consecutive quarters.

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In late Jan. 2018, Tesla announced a new 10-year compensation plan, with performance awards awarded to Elon Musk on the basis of meeting several “market cap and operational milestones.”

Its most notable milestone comprise of $50 million increases in market cap in each of 12 specified dates over a ten-year period, with the final market cap being $650 billion. Failure to satisfy these goals results in Musk receiving only an “at-risk performance award” without “guaranteed” compensation.

Source: Electrek