On Sunday at 7:30 a.m. Tesla Motors completed its 76.5-hour, 3,464.5-mile journey from Los Angeles to New York, arriving at the Big Apple’s City Hall.

In doing so, the two 85-kwh Model S sedans encountered blizzards, a sand storm, freezing temperatures, and rain.

“Road closures, detours and traffic delays as a result of the [Colorado] snow storm ended up costing the Tesla team a total of eight hours,” Tesla said in a blog post covering that part of the journey.

“Tesla LA to NY Supercharger rally just completed in 76 hours across northern route in dead of winter thru heavy snow!” tweeted Elon Musk who was at New York to welcome the team.

The Cross Country Rally team “also recorded the lowest charge time for an electric vehicle traveling across the country – a feat that is now being assessed for recognition as a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement,” said Tesla.

Tesla’s team was comprised of Tesla employees who had helped build the network they relied on for the trek.

Their trip reversed the direction of the absolute first trip from New York to LA by Glenney, a 62 year old biochemist and horse rancher, and his daughter Jill Glenney.

The trip was primarily to call attention to the possibility of coast-to-coast travel in a Model S due to the free Superchargers, now numbering 73 and counting in the country, and with 85 worldwide.

They “replenish half a charge in as little as 20 minutes” says Tesla and the company said the cars were able to make it with charge to spare between Superchargers.

Had they been 60-kwh models, they might not have fared as well, as the distance between some of the Superchargers is a challenge to the estimated 208 miles range of the model with smaller battery pack.

Tesla said it was greeted by fans at various Supercharger stations including Worthington, Minn., Macedonia, Ohio, and Newark, Del.

The company gave out handshakes and T-shirts and mingled with the crowds at the respective stops.

The entire trip took 1,197.8 kilowatt-hours worth of energy for one of the two Model S sedans, with the other car requiring approximately the same.