Tesla Motors is getting an early start educating Chinese consumers about electric cars through its “Tesla experience centers.”

Tesla China has been inviting kindergarten-age students to visit its local service centers. They’re called “Tesla experience centers” where students are brought the facilities during field trips. Classes are being held at the centers, with the primary focus being green transportation, and the differences between electric and gasoline power.

“To accelerate changes towards sustainable energy, Tesla is committed to promote the development of electric vehicle technology and, more importantly, to create a green way for people to travel,” Tesla recently posted on its blog. “‘Tesla experience centers’ throughout the country will carry the functions of promoting public science and electric vehicle technology by often hosting public open day activities.”

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It’s part of several projects being deployed by Tesla China to educate the public on the benefits of driving electric cars, especially a Model S or Model X and its upcoming Model 3. That initiative includes setting up several Supercharger stations in the country.

Tesla executives have expressed concerns that the public is still apprehensive about purchasing EVs due to misinformation. The Chinese government has made generous incentives available to help push consumers past resistance to owning an EV.

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