Tesla CEO Elon Musk has purchased $25 million worth of Tesla stock this week.

According to an SEC filing, his latest purchase totals 72,500 shares ranging from $342 to $347, representing ownership of roughly 19 percent of the company. Last month, Musk also purchased $10 million in stock, a move widely acknowledged as an attempt to reverse sentiment amidst Model 3 production woes and strike back against short sellers.

According to analytics company S3 Partners, short seller activity accounts for 22 percent of all outstanding shares, making it the most shorted stock on the stock market. This signals bullish, or pessimistic sentiments, towards a firm’s stock price movement.

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“The sheer magnitude of short carnage will be unreal,” tweeted Musk at the time. “If you’re short, I suggest tiptoeing quietly to the exit…”

This move comes after this week’s layoffs affecting 9 percent of the workforce to cut costs towards profitability, a feat Tesla has not achieved since its inception. Last March, Tesla’s shareholders also voted in a new 10-year compensation plan that would award Musk based on completion of “market cap and operational milestones” with every $50 billion increase award Musk a set number of shares.