Tesla CEO Elon Musk has signaled increased confidence in his brand’s prospects, hamming it up to short sellers by dropping down $9.85-million of his cash in Tesla stock.

The purchase of 33,000 shares represents his largest purchase since March 2017, with his stake in the entire company increasing roughly a tenth of 1 percent at 22 percent. Share prices moved between $294 to $302 in a series of Monday transactions.

This latest move marks the end of a contentious week between Musk and shareholders, with an unusually combative earnings call where Musk offered dismissive and terse answers to analysts, with some questions refused altogether.

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After the earnings call, Tesla’s stock shattered $2.8-billion of market value, with Musk tweeting a semi-apology and offering several reasons for his answers.

Other Musk comments focused on the eventual shortfall of Tesla short sellers.