In a snazzy back-to-the-future themed marketing video for salesforce1, a Tesla Model S P85+ is the central brand scofflawing past major corporations in a somehow socially enviable way through time and space.

Tesla’s fastest sedan is shown starting with a drop out of an airplane, zipping through famous scenery, doing mild drifts around premier central business districts, and even features an evading-the-cops scene at 3:26 with something the radar detector sellers wish they could have – a time tunnel app to cleanly escape.

The slick production features Parker Harris, cofounder of, who “travels around the world and through time to take all customers to the future with a Salesforce1 powered Tesla S.”’s Web site says it sells the “world’s number one sales app” and offers other services, training, and support to its customers.

No doubt more symbolism can be picked out of the video. On the one hand, this could be said to be largely about branding and image, and despite chants by the disenfranchised counterculture from the ’60s and before, materialism appears alive and well in America having married into the family of the hipsters.

But the message is undoubtedly intended to be purely positive and promotional symbolizing the benefits of Salesforce.

Plus, the Model S ostensibly makes all that reckless vicarious hooliganry an arguably sustainable endeavor in that it is, to steal a phrase from Fisker, “responsible luxury.” The car burns rubber, but it does not burn gas, and does not emit hydrocarbons. So no harm done, right?

And in any case, it does look like Harris is having more fun than most people, and the video implicitly shows Tesla’s car as the coolest means of personal road-based travel in the universe.

Much more could be said about what is actually only a commercial, but we’ll merge away from any semblance of pontification, skip further analysis, and let you watch.

Whether it’s mindless entertainment, deeply meaningful, neither or both, you can decide for yourself.