Saleen Automotive, Inc. will unveil its all-electric Tesla Model S based vehicle, to be known as The FOURSIXTEEN, at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Sunday, August 17.

Saleen Automotive, Inc. describes itself as an American specialty manufacturer of high performance vehicles, technical performance parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel.

Spectators will have access to the new Saleen vehicle during the event; as a first time public unveiling, the new Saleen vehicle will be on display on the Concept lawn.

“We are eager to showcase the results of the tremendous effort of my team at Saleen Automotive, culminating in what I believe is a truly exceptional all-electric vehicle that stands on the shoulders of the Tesla’s innate excellence yet displays the Saleen heritage for which we are known,” said Steve Saleen, CEO, Saleen Automotive.

The Saleen FOURSIXTEEN concept is the first all-electric model launched by Saleen Automotive. Utilizing the Tesla Model S as a base, Saleen said it has technologically crafted an example of an electric drive supercar sedan. Drawing on the same American exotic heritage that inspired the Saleen S7 supercar; the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN Model S is said to detail a comprehensive list of aerodynamic, performance and technological upgrades.

That is about it for what we know of the car, aside from what can be seen on the images bellow. Proper information on the vehicle’s specs as well as technical or style modifications done will have to wait until the reveal, this coming Sunday.