Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced an Autopilot version 9.0 update to his Twitter.

The update, coming in August, will introduce more autonomous features to Autopilot. The latest update was shared after a tweet by user Anand Krishnamurthy providing feedback on using the feature in two-lane merging situations during rush hour.

By “full-self driving” features, it constitutes a gradual rollout of features belonging to its “Full Self-Driving Capability” package, which leverages its existing onboard computer and detection systems. First announced in October 2016, it is nowhere close to achieving Level 5 autonomy.

Its rollout will also depend on “extensive software validation and regulatory approval” of which no timetable for completion has been given.

Tesla’s last major update to Autopilot’s version 8.1 saw improved autosteer at speeds reaching 90 mph, a Beta version of Summon’s park and retrieve feature, automatic high beams, improved auto lane changes, and others. On the usability test, it also saw changes to its personalized media player, enhanced voice controls, and “cabin overheat protection” which regulates the temperature of the vehicle when the engine is off.