Now with 81 energized Superchargers worldwide, including 14 in Europe, Tesla Motors announced today plans to completely connect Germany by year’s end, and as of now, it has connected the DACH region in the Netherlands.

The DACH region is an acronym for the area of German, Austria and Switzerland, and this week, the American automaker opened Supercharger locations connecting the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria — and these will open routes to the German Autobahn, the Alps and other locations, it says.

The first European Supercharger network was placed in Norway last year, following less than one year after the first six Superchargers energized in the U.S. in September 2012.

“More than 11 million kilometers have been charged by Tesla Superchargers and nearly 1.13 million liters of gas have been offset,” said the company in a statement.

Tesla’s announcement comes as the company says the latest installations represent a new “milestone.”


Presently, German locations are as follows: Wilnsdorf, Bad Rappenau, Aichstetten and Jettingen. In Switzerland there’s one in Lully; in Austria a Supercharger is located in St. Anton, and in the Netherlands in Zevenaar and Oosterhout.

Tesla notes also Germany Superchargers now connect Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich as well as from Germany to Amsterdam, Zurich, and Innsbruck.

In the Netherlands, open Supercharger locations enable routes from Amsterdam to Cologne and Brussels, and in Switzerland Superchargers connect Zurich and Geneva, says Tesla.

“By the end of March 2014, 50 percent of the German population will live within 320 km of a Supercharger,” says Tesla. “and 100 percent of the population will be covered by the end of the year.”