Tesla is the only American brand to make the top 10 in the Consumer Reports Brand Report Card for 2018.

The Brand Report Card is intended to show that an automaker can do more than just build one Top Pick-worthy car. It rates the entire lineup of each automaker, showing if they are able to consistently deliver quality and reliability or if they can manage it for only a few models.

This year, Hyundai’s Genesis brand took the top spot, beating out Audi. The only American automaker to make the top 10 list was Tesla, although Chrysler narrowly missed the top 10.

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Consumer Reports has tested the Model X and Model S. The Model S is the highest scoring car the magazine has tested, getting a 100 on the road test portion. It also gets a 5/5 for predicted owner satisfaction and a 4/5 for predicted reliability. The Model X didn’t fare as well. It scored a still-good 77 out of 100 on the road test, and 5/5 on owner satisfaction, but a 1/5 for reliability due to issues with the climate control system, body and trim, and in-car electrics.

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Overall, Tesla scored 74 in the Brand Report Card. That’s seven points out of the top spot. The brand scored second in the road test result, just one point behind Genesis. Tesla also got the best ranking for owner satisfaction. Ultimately, reported reliability brought Tesla’s score down. The automaker scored a mid-pack rating in that area.

The new list marks a big change for Tesla, which has not always fared well in Consumer Reports testing. In 2015, the Model S scored off the magazine’s road test charts, but didn’t get a Recommend rating. Consumer Reports ranked the car as Below Average for reliability at the time, although it has since changed the rating of the new car to Above Average, meriting a Recommended rating. The Model X does not get a Recommended rating over reliability concerns.