Tesla made waves last night with the debut of its first-ever semi truck and its second-generation Roadster sports car, but those weren’t the only new Tesla products shown.

The automaker also debuted a rough design for a pickup truck during the presentation. As you may be able to tell from the sketch above, Tesla’s idea for a pickup is far from ordinary. This design concept is for a pickup based on the Tesla Semi and, as you can see, it would theoretically be capable of carrying a regular sized pickup in its bed. Unlike a regular, diesel semi-truck, however, you wouldn’t need a special license to drive this beast – just your standard Class D license.

Whilst this idea is neat, it’s far from being a reality. Tesla has a lot on its plate right now between the production ramp-up of the Model 3 and bringing the Semi and Roadster to market, so we doubt this zany idea for a huge pickup is a priority. If anything, it’s an interesting design exercise to help Tesla gauge the interest in electric pickup trucks both with consumers and commercial entities.

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