Puerto Rico’s latest island-wide power outage has Tesla scrambling to repair its power grids.

In a Twitter message by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, he elaborated on the company’s efforts to deliver power throughout the island.

According to Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority, the entire island was without power, with an estimated 24 to 36-hour restoration timeline. Power restoration was initially focused in critical areas such as hospitals.

At the moment, more than 1000 Tesla batteries have been dispatched in more than 660 locations, with teams working around the clock to deliver more. No other details have been provided on service timeline or the number of employees on the ground.

This latest blackout was caused by a contractor accidentally hitting a power line with a bulldozer while working to repair a fallen tower. As a result, Dgrimm, a subsidiary of Oklahoma-based Mammoth Energy Services responsible for the repairs, has been relieved of its duties.

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Last week, a fallen tree also knocked out another centrally located power line, resulting in approximately 840,000 customers without power.

This marks a second relief effort by Tesla in Puerto Rico. In early Oct. 2017, Tesla dispatched a team of employees to Puerto Rico to install Powerwall battery systems alongside local organizations. Musk also donated $250,000 of his own money to assist towards recovery efforts.

Other regions supported by Tesla include American Samoa and Hawaii for solar energy production through Solar City, which oversaw the replacement of diesel, the island of Ta’u’s energy source, to solar power. This move affected a small population of fewer than 1,000 inhabitants.