Tesla Motors has added another trim level to the Model S lineup – a 75 kWh version.

The 75 Model S was quietly added as the fourth version over the weekend, and is now a standalone offering that joins the 60 kWh, 90D and P90D variants.

Earlier this month, Tesla announced the re-introduction of the base 60 kWh Model S, which lowered the started price for the Model S to $66,000. Actually, that “60” kWh model was based on a Model S with 75-kWh battery, albeit limited to 60, and at that same time, Tesla said it could be made into a 75-kWh version for $8,500 prior to delivery or $9,500 after delivery.

Source: Tesla.

Source: Tesla.

The starting price of the rear-wheel-drive base 75 Model S is $74,500, or exactly $8,500 more than the 60 kWh version. Range is estimated at 249 miles based on an Environmental Protection Agency rating. Going with the all-wheel-drive version adds $5,000 to the base price of both the 60 and the 75.

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While EPA range for the RWD 75 Model S is listed at 249 miles, AWD bumps range up to 259 miles. The 60 kWh S is listed at 210 miles in RWD, and 218 in AWD.

In April, the Model S gained a refresh with a new front fascia, adaptive LED headlamps, and new interior finishes. It also features availability of an air-filtration system that’s similar to what’s available on the Model X SUV. Tesla says this system can filter out “99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants from cabin air.”

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