Designed to fit in a single garage space, be road legal, and fly over 500 miles with vertical take-off and landing, the four-passenger Terrafugia TF-X promises to solve the dilemma of the “flying car” by needing no runway.

On the road it operates with electric propulsion, and electric assist is used for take-off. As a plug-in hybrid, it will recharge batteries by a gas engine or by plugging in.

It also is said to be easy enough to operate that flying/driving it can be learned in around five hours and it has both “automatic” or “manual” modes to make it user friendly.

But if it looks like future tech, that’s because it is. A concept by a Woburn, Mass. startup with employees including from MIT, it says, Terrafugia is working toward a goal.

Everyone needs one of these.

Everyone needs one of these.

Development of TF-X is expected to last 8-12 years. If you wish to be one of the first to own a TF-X vehicle, consider reserving a Transition today. The Transition® will be delivered long before the TF-X™ is ready, and as loyal Terrafugia customers, Transition buyers will be given the option to purchase TF-X vehicles before the rest of the public.

The company has been in existence since 2007 and grew to 20 people and a 19,000-square-foot facility by 2013. It’s done military projects, and has a proof of concept less far-out than the TF-X called the Transition done in 2009.

With angel investors, the company says, it is seeking people who can catch the vision and want to invest further.

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