Suzuki is set to introduce a new compact offroad concept called the e-Survivor at the 45th annual Tokyo Motor Show in October.

Its appearance is jarring to the eye, likened to a more futuristic-looking version of the Suzuki Jimny. It is also comparable in looks to a sportier, miniature version of a Jeep Wrangler. According to Motor1, its body features high, sharply angled wheel arches for tremendous ground clearance and low overhangs at the front and rear axles. Its front fascia and tire styling are equally innovative with a shortened, illuminated five-slot grille, perfect circle LED headlights, clear doors, and illuminated wheels.

Regarding its electric setup, no specifications have been provided, other than electric motors being installed inside all four wheels for four-wheel drive, according to Autocar.

Its interior also sports some new ideas, primarily with its display units located in unusual locations. In addition to a giant head-up display, there are smaller screens built into the steering wheels, a panoramic dash, a third screen on the passenger side, and two built in the seating. No details have been provided on what the screens will actually display. There is also no roof.

Lastly, the e-Survivor is not expected to be self-driving as a steering wheel and other driver controls would suggest.