According to an online survey of 3,000 consumers by Morpace, Inc., more than two out of three – 68 percent – said they would bypass performance in favor of fuel economy.

The study by the Detroit-area firm was done this fall and pre-qualified those answering as intending to buy or lease in the next three years.

Of shoppers polled, 77 percent said reliability is their number one concern, 69 percent voted for fuel economy and 67 percent said the cost of operation.

Further, 62 percent said they would shop between different brands to get the car they wanted.

But when it comes to paying for said technology, 48 percent said they were willing to ante up more money for an environmentally friendly vehicle and only 31 percent said new tech was an important consideration.

“Powertrain is a critical issue today because consumers are making buying decisions based largely on powertrain performance,” Bryan Krulikowski, Morpace vice president. “What is obvious this year is that fuel economy continues to have a significant impact on consumers.”

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