Marketing agency Digital Third Coast and automotive products company Golden Eagle recently surveyed 2,000 Americans to find out what their dream cars were, and came back with interesting results.

While the sample size was rather small, the survey seemed to accurately represent most average American’s car tastes. The most often stated ‘dream car’ was a Mustang, followed by a Tesla, a Jeep, a Corvette and a Camaro.

Not surprisingly, it was the baby boomer generation who most frequently said their dream car was a Corvette, while gen x-ers said it was a Camaro. Millenials wanted a Tesla, because of course they did.

Another interesting Tesla-related fact was that most people who self-identified as being “not knowledgeable” about cars said their dream car was a Tesla. It’d be easy to use this fact to blindly hate on Tesla fans, but this is likely the general public we’re talking about. They know Teslas are fast and emissions-free and they know they can’t afford one. They aren’t tweeting #SaveTheManuals and looking for an aftermarket steering wheel for their Miata on eBay. The chosen car of self-proclaimed car enthusiasts was a Mustang, by the way.

It’s not surprising to see the Tesla up there, but we are shocked more people didn’t automatically say “Ferrari” or “Lamborghini.” It seems that even if people had the money to afford an exotic, they simply don’t want one. The most often stated desired traits for a dream car were size, safety and fuel efficiency. So most people want a big, safe, fuel-efficient car – hard to fault them. What threw us off a bit, however, were the most often stated least desired traits: convertible, sunroof and fully electric.

This survey was only conducted in the USA and we think the answers would be vastly different if it were extended to include just Canada and Mexico, let alone Europe. You can view the rest of the survey’s findings here.

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