More Tesla owners would buy another Tesla now than in 2013, and nearly a quarter would consider owning a gas-powered car again.

This is according to a survey by Prenzler Digital Media of 296 Tesla owners, with 93 percent driving a Model S and 7 percent driving a Model X. Of those surveyed, 92 percent would buy another Tesla, up from 81 percent in a 2013 survey.

While they’re more committed to Tesla all-battery electric powertrains, a share of them would consider again buying a car powered by an internal combustion engine. The survey says that 24 percent of Tesla owners would consider purchasing a gas-powered car again.

According to the new study, the average Tesla owner earns $271,000 per year, which is down from $290,000 in 2013. They tend to be between the ages of 35 to 50, and 88 percent of the Tesla owners are male. For 91% of owners, a Tesla model is the most expensive car they have ever purchased.

They are enthusiastic about the upcoming Tesla Model 3. About 55 percent of them plan on purchasing a Model 3, or have already placed a reservation for one.

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For those willing to pay more a 30 percent battery upgrade, 80 percent of the surveyed owners said they would pay for the upgrade.

Paying more for Tesla models with larger battery packs has meant making more service garage visits. Tesla vehicles equipped with larger battery packs show higher rates of non-routine service: 59% vs. 45% on pack sizes below 85 kWh, according to the survey.

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