California has by far the most registered plug-in vehicles, both battery electric and plug-in hybrids, than any other U.S. state, and a new survey suggests that consumers want even more.

The survey of more than 800 Californians conducted by Vrge Analytics last August found that 43 percent would consider buying or leasing an electric vehicle before 2025.

Nearly two thirds of those polled — 65 percent — said they would seriously consider an EV if the price was similar to a conventional car and had a 200-plus mile driving range per charge.

Almost half of those surveyed said they might buy or lease an EV within the next decade regardless of range or price, while nearly 80 percent believe the state should do more to spur development and adoption of EVs.

“Californians are ready to trade-in their gas-guzzlers for clean cars,” said Mike Montgomery, Executive Director of the advocacy group CALinnovates.

The survey research suggests, “the EV industry in the state is at a tipping point,” Montgomery said.

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“Automakers should seize on this opportunity and go all-in — by putting a fleet of world-class, innovative, affordable EVs on the roads,” said Montgomery.

Not surprising, 70 percent support Governor Jerry Brown’s goal of 1.5 million EVs on the state’s roads by 2025.

In regards to issues pending before the state legislature, 60 percent support increasing tax credits to encourage more Californians to purchase EVs, while 66 percent want the state to reauthorize the law to combat global warming.

The survey also noted that Californians are skeptical of traditional automaker’s commitment to the EV marketplace.

Only 13 percent think that traditional car companies are committed to improving air quality through the sale of EVs, while 34 percent think they are ambivalent, and 25 percent think that they just want to sell a “big truck.”

Finally, more than 50 percent think the oil and gas industry stands in the way of positive change for California.

“Californians clearly want cleaner skies, and they are open to a wide range of policies from Sacramento to get it,” said Montgomery. “Once again, innovation fostered in California is poised to transform the industry and the environment alike.”

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