Generally speaking “new tech” isn’t the kind of thing that goes on sale, but if you’re in the market for a home EV charging station, you’re in luck. ChargePoint EV chargers were dropped to 20% off today—a significant savings that brings the cost of the unit (with an 18′ cord) down to $519. There are other options available—hardwired versus plug-in, and longer 25′ charging cords—that can bring prices up as high as $599, but all benefit from the same discount.

chargepoint ev charging station

Across the board these units from ChargePoint are incredibly well reviewed, being the go-to manufacturer that’s used for many public charging stations around the globe. The Level 2 32-amp charger is good to boost the average EV’s battery by approximately 25 miles of range per hour, and as an added bonus, connecting it to your home wifi network will allow remote voice control capability using Amazon’s Alexa.

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