Dec. 21, 2006: The Davis Enterprise—Get Your Battery Running

Summary: "Think of it as Easy Rider meets An Inconvenient Truth. Or, maybe, the perfect Christmas gift for the environmentalist with everything.

A solar motorcycle.

Well, not solar, strictly speaking, but electric — with its battery charged by the solar panels on Rob Thayer’s Village Homes roof.

Thayer, a UC Davis professor emeritus of landscape architecture, recently purchased the custom motorcycle for $7,000 from, an Oakland company that’s one of a handful modifying or building electric motorcycles."

This electric motorcycle will travel up to 60 mph for 30 miles between charges, making it a little more practical than neighborhood electric vehicles that will only go 30 mph.

And the neighbors must love it, too—they’ll never be awakened to the sound of a revving engine or backfire.

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