Another diesel-hybrid, this one the Subaru Viziv Concept crossover, was unveiled today at Geneva.

Its name is short for “Vision for Innovation,” and the vehicle is powered by a 2.0-liter boxer diesel with plug-in hybrid technology.

Power is directed via a high-torque-compatible Lineartronic (CVT) which features a front motor providing both vehicle drive and power generation. A pair of independent rear motors contribute to vehicle propulsion only.

Fuel economy is maximized by the computer which selects which motor to use at a given moment.

The car is called a Vision for Innovation as Subaru says the new design direction and technologies that will “take the Subaru brand into the future.”


Subaru says the clean and simople lines were intended to strike a balance between a condensed cabin and solid looking body. The paint color is Mistral Silver Metallic and reportedly pleasing to the eyes.

Performance stats and other pertinent details are yet to be forthcoming.