If you were an automaker, how would you gain attention for your pipsqueak but potent 1.0-liter three cylinder engine primarily intended for mundane and economical duty in family cars?

Why not bolt it into a street-legal Formula Ford Chassis, and use it to beat a Ferrari Enzo’s time around a lap of the Nurbugring’s northern circuit?

Actually, that’s exactly what Ford engineers did in building the one-off 118 mpg, 1,100-pound car that did the lap in a time of 7:22 when tuned to 200 horsepower.

Last weekend the car did a demonstration run at the 20th Goodwood Festival of Speed, in Brentwood, Essex, UK, and the video that follows gives the car’s details.

In brief, the open-wheel racer’s performance is so stellar because it follows the classic tuner’s formula of light weight, and relatively high power in a proven chassis.

Performance is said to be 0-60 in under four seconds, and that alleged 118 mpg – well, it may have been on a more liberal test cycle for one, and more importantly, it only comes when you don’t have your foot in it – which kind of defeats the purpose for driving enthusiasts, but it does make a point, and being road legal, it does get drivers imagining nonetheless.