Dec. 29, 2006: The Marietta Times—Cost of Gas the Top Story

Summary: "When Earl Wagner was a child, gasoline sold for 17 cents a gallon. In fact, Wagner’s father owned a gas station in Lowell.

‘I remember pumping gas for 17 cents,’ Wagner, 85, said. Fast forward 75 years to 2006.

It was a year of jolting sticker shock at the pump for the American driving public.

‘I drove just when necessary,’ Wagner said of the past year.

In August, consumers finally met $3 a gallon and it was like a dose of castor oil. It left a bad taste."

A bad taste for some can be good medicine for all. High gas prices had consumers taking a fresh look at fuel-efficient smaller cars, hybrids, and diesel. More people joined carpools and rode public transportation, taking traffic congestion down a notch in many areas.

Rather than breathe a sigh of relief that gas prices are down, we should urge the incoming Congress to do what’s right: bring the price of gas back up by adding a federal carbon tax.

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