After emerging from bankruptcy, Dutch sports car brand Spyker has a new plan.

Now partnered with American startup Volta Volaré, a startup that produces electrically powered aircraft, Spyker is going to share a plant with Volta Volaré, where Spyker will produce electric cars and Volta Volaré will produce aircraft.

The planes will be sold under the SpykerAero brand, while the cars will continue to be sold as Spykers. This takes the company back to its original roots, when it sold both cars and airplanes in the 1920s.

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The planes will use extended-range electric tech, while the cars that have an electric powertrain available will be EVs with no range extending gasoline powertrain.

Volta Volare GT4 extended-range electric aircraft.

Volta Volare GT4 extended-range electric aircraft.

The company is working on an electric motor that is said to weigh just 32 pounds but put out 680 pounds-feet of torque. A version of this motor will be an option in every current or upcoming Spyker car. That includes the B6 Venator, the C12, and the C8 Preliator.

That includes a new four-door vehicle that’s expected to debut at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show this fall. It will likely be an updated take on the brand’s D12 Peking-to-Paris SUV, which the brand is trying to get to market by 2017. A gas V-12 engine will remain standard, but the electric motor will be available.

Volta Volaré CEO Paul Peterson has also hinted that Spyker could field a Formula E team, both to develop new electric tech and help market the brand. This despite a failed venture into Formula One that cost the company more than $100 million.

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