Hyundai is combining its current technologies to create a new one.

The Korean automaker has filed a patent that uses a vehicle’s GPS, camera and multiple sensors for speed bump detection, identifying whether there’s a speed bump in the immediate path of the car.

The technology is then capable of measuring the speed bump’s height, width and curvature before using software to calculate the appropriate speed the vehicle should drive over the bump. If the driver is going too fast for the detected speed bump, the vehicle will alert them with a warning message to slow down.

Although the speed bump detection might not sound too exciting for some, it’s just another bit of a safety feature that is built for convenience. In the big picture, the technology would benefit self-driving or autonomous vehicles, with the ability to slow the car down automatically. It’s unclear when or how Hyundai plans to implement the technology, and in what vehicles we’ll see it in first.

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