With its car projects shrouded in secrecy over the last decade, Dyson has finally confirmed plans to unveil an all-electric car, placing Tesla straight in its crosshairs.

The purveyor of futuristic looking hand vacuums, table fans, and $400 full-size vacuum cleaners has raised plenty of signals through investments, rapid expansion plans, and key hires.

According to the Daily Mail, investments by Dyson have seen £2.5 million ($3.4 million) in artificial intelligence research, which has previously accelerated its development of robotic cleaners.

Also, Dyson has secured £174 million ($234 million) in government funding to expand its electric vehicle development after a 2015 £67 million ($90 million) acquisition of Sakti3, a solid-state battery company that specializes in conventional lithium-ion battery alternatives with higher energy output.

Third, Dyson has also recruited David Wyer, a 22-year Aston Martin veteran to direct the brand’s procurement efforts. This hire follows the appointment of Ian Minards, who previously managed Aston Martin product development with a previous stint as chief programmer engineer for the Vanquish and V8 Vantage. A third executive, communications executive Richard Reyes, was also hired from Tesla earlier this year.

According to Autocar UK, Dyson is planning on building its electric vehicle at its headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England. This move is expected to generate 500 jobs, with most of it in engineering, according to the Daily Mail.

According to a Dyson spokesman, “we have historically recruited from a wide range of backgrounds, as we are a broad church and are developing a multitude of technologies. We plan to recruit an extra 3,000 engineers and scientists by 2020 and are working with more than 40 universities globally.”

Autocar UK