Last month was apparently a lightbulb moment for car shoppers in California and Oregon as Chevrolet saw a 509.3 percent sales increase for its Spark EV flying off of dealer lots.

Its 920 sales crushed its previous best, May 2014’s 182 sales and until now the subcompact EV has more often cruised at the sub-100 to low-100s in volume month after month.

Despite its limited availability, the Spark EV also edged out the Volt’s 905 sales and was third among EVs behind Tesla’s 1,900 estimated, and the Nissan Leaf’s 1,553.

The sudden sales spike is likely due in no small part to Chevrolet reducing the Spark EV’s price by $1,650 to $25,995. With tax incentives added into Spark’s new price, the vehicle can be had for as low as $15,000, or leased at $139 a month with a sign-and-drive lease of 39 months and $0 due at lease.

The EV is also due for sale in Maryland by the end of the summer, according to Chevrolet media rep Annalisa Esposito Bluhm.

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Remarkable also is the Spark, like the Volt, is awaiting a perceptibly superior replacement not too long from now – though for the Spark it’s a year and a half out, not a couple months like for the Volt,.

Specifically, by fall 2016 the 200-mile range Bolt EV is believed pending though GM has not officially confirmed this.

The Bolt will be priced approximately $37,500, but it will effectively decrease to $30,000 assuming a $7,500 federal tax credit.

Meanwhile, whether the Spark EV repeats its performance next month is an open question, as is whether GM opens up more markets before Maryland.

Chevrolet is “always looking at other markets,” said Esposito Bluhm, “but has nothing to announce.”