We’ve been hearing the buzz about the buzz of social media for some time now, but if some of you are still wondering what the value of Twitter is, Smart has found a way to monetize the free service via “the world’s first Twitter ad.”

This news about the blurb about the ad comes via The Detroit Bureau, and highlights how Smart was smart enough to use the 140-character limit service as a platform to do something closer to a bona fide commercial instead of a mere short sentence.

Actually, the company’s Smart Argentina Twitter page reveals in Spanish that the maker of small cars made a big effort to get past the small space rule. Smart’s marketers inputted 455 individual tweets to build up to a message finishing with the words: “It fits in any space. Why not in 140 characters? Smart Fortwo…a big idea for the city.”

As we said, this is buzz about buzz, but welcome to the fast-paced world of social media if you’re not already fully immersed.

Part of the Smart’s intent is to capture that elusive species of potential car buyer, Millenials. These are younger aged consumers – born between 1980-1999 – who, if they have yet gotten a driver’s license, have proven at times tough for traditional marketers to attract and retain.

The new take on the old flip-book concept by Smart may grab them for 30 seconds or more, and that may be enough to plant the thought to investigate the diminutive cars further.

If you want to know more, a Spanish language Youtube video about “El primer comercial en Twitter” shows more in addition to the explanation shown by the Argentinean Twitter page.