Soon, all Smart models will be available with both internal-combustion engine and EV versions – a first for any automotive brand.

Of course, that’s easy to say when a brand only offers three models.

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Nevertheless, there are EV versions of the new ForFour and cabrio on the schedule, and the U.S.-bound version of the next EV ForTwo – dubbed the ForTwo ED – is launching Stateside ahead of its European debut.

That could be due to the fact that about a quarter of the previous-generation ForTwos sold in the U.S. were ED models. So it’s not a stretch to see EV power become available on the ForFour.

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“Smart was designed for electric drive right from start and ‘living electric’ is our motto as an electric car pioneer.” Annette Winkler, Head of Smart, said in a press release. “The launch of the new generation Smart Electric Drive is imminent and, needless to say, for our whole product portfolio, the ForTwo, the ForFour and our cabrio, which enables electric driving to be experienced particularly intensively. The perfect car for the city is getting the perfect drive for the city, enabling our customers to experience unique driving fun at extremely attractive and affordable prices, especially in those countries where a buyer’s premium has been granted.”

Smart promises improved charging times but gave no specifics in the press release.

Look for the whole lineup to premier at the Paris Motor Show this fall.