B2Q Technologies introduced last week the B1 battery tester and the B2QScan battery test analysis application.

Both are aimed at technicians, but their ease of use make them also useful for technical-savvy car owners.

Leveraging the proliferation of smart devices, the free B2QScan app runs on any camera-equipped Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS v6 or later, and reads a QR code displayed by the B1 battery tester, providing high-quality battery analytics in seconds.

According to the company, the B1 makes professional battery testing simple, fast, and affordable

The B1 is described by B2Q as a “technician’s tool” designed to address the shortcomings of traditional battery testers, which are typically expensive, large, and complex, and often require a significant amount of a technician’s billable time to configure and use.

The B1 battery tester is small, buttonless, rugged, and costs 75 percent less than traditional precision battery testers, a savings of up to $800 per tester.

According to B2Q, the B1 tool uses patented, globally accepted, and highly accurate ohmic testing technology.

“The B1 is very fast and easy to use. Every one of my technicians owns a cell phone and uses apps, so this is familiar to them,” said Peter Earley, Service Manager of Al’s Automotive and Truck Service, Exeter NH.  “Also, the price of the B1 tester makes outfitting every technician reasonable – so now my technicians can easily perform high-quality battery testing on every vehicle.”

As a partner to the B1, the B2QScan app is said to leverage the computing power of smart devices to enable breakthrough sharing and analysis of battery test results

The free B2QScan app running on a technician’s iPhone or iPad device scans a QR code generated on the B1 screen and then instantly displays a battery test report with easy-to-understand recommendations.

The B2QScan app enables, per B2Q, the user to deliver printed and emailed results to customers, other technicians, and service managers via cellular or Wifi internet connectivity.  Additionally, all battery test data can be saved and analyzed over the entire battery lifecycle, which has significant value to dealers, distributors, and manufacturers.

“The low cost and ease of use of the B1 tester and B2QScan app combination running on smart devices will not only make battery testing an everyday preventative maintenance item, it will revolutionize battery testing because it will fundamentally change the tone of the conversation with the consumer,” said Jim Sorum, director of sales, advanced technologies and applications, for a leading global battery manufacturer.  “For the first time the automobile owner will see a very simple test report with intuitive green-yellow-red color coding that they can really understand, and it will make selling a battery so much easier for the professional repair shop.”

The B1 tester and the free B2QScan App for iPhone and iPad are now available globally.  The B1 is available for $299 (USD) in the US and Canada through B2Q’s online store, and through B2Q distribution and dealer partners.

The B2QScan app is available on the Apple App store.

An Android version of the application is planned for late 2013.

Video: http://vimeo.com/70907449