A new report by Securing America’s Future Energy, (SAFE) an autonomous vehicles advocacy firm, has shared insight into how self-driving technology can affect the workforce through the next 30 years.

Titled “ America’s Workforce and the Self-Driving Future: Realizing Productivity Gains and Spurring Economic Growth”, the report examines how self-driving technologies can affect the workforce.

Amongst its high-level findings is a $3 to $6 trillion projection in “cumulative consumer and societal benefits” for the economy, translating to better senior and disabled person transportation and increased work efficiency.

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Figure-wise, the report splits projections by public and consumer benefits, projecting the economic impact of accident reductions and reduced gas consumption to hit $118 billion and $58 billion, respectively. “Current taxi service”, its type of which was not specified in the report, would result in a cost reduction of $10 billion annually.

“Self-driving technologies will have an enormously positive impact on our country, our economy, and our society,” said Robbie Diamond, CEO of SAFE. “This is an opportunity too great to ignore and now is the time to prepare and implement policies that will unlock these myriad benefits and mitigate any negative impacts of this technological shift.”