The Robocar autonomous EV race car is coming, but first the DevBot prototype is paving the way.

Roborace will be a racing series made up entirely of autonomous, self-driving electric cars. It will use the Robocar, which is slated to be unveiled later this year. For now, behold the DevBot, which is a prototype previewing the Robocar.

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As befits a prototype, the DevBot will have the same software and systems, as well as the same powertrain, as the Robocar.

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Race fans will who follow Formula E will be able to see Roboraces prior to Formula E events during the 2016-2017 season.

There’s only one difference between the DevBot and the Robocar – it will have a human driver who will keep an eye on software and hardware. Each team will get to use the DevBot in the six months leading up to the race series.

It took nine months to develop the prototype, which made its debut during Formula E practice at Donington earlier this week.