China’s equivalent to Google is reportedly working on its own self-driving car.

Chinese tech giant Baidu is quite similar to Google, offering an Internet search engine along with multimedia content including MP3 music files and movies. The company is actually the first Chinese firm to be listed on the NASDAQ-100 index. It’s also the top search engine used in China.

And much like how it has followed in Google’s footsteps, Baidu is looking to launch a self-driving car in the second half of 2015 and is currently working with an unnamed automaker to manufacture the autonomous vehicle.

In the past, Baidu has teamed up with BMW to develop semi-autonomous driving technologies and the company is known for its research in artificial intelligence. Previously, the head of Baidu’s learning lab, Yu Kai, said the company doesn’t agree with Google in terms of a completely autonomous car, rather Baidu would prefer to develop a vehicle that keeps its pedals while giving the driver greater freedom.

Google’s self-driving car is expected to begin public road testing this summer in Mountain View, California and the company recently said that its autonomous vehicles have been involved in 12 accidents – none of which were caused by the vehicle.

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