Tesla’s Supercharger network has now been expanded to Scotland with its Friday opening of a new location at the Edinburgh Airport.

The company said this location is part of a network expansion that will soon allow Model S owners to drive anywhere in the UK relying only on Superchargers.

As it is in the U.S., Supercharging is free for Supercharger-enabled vehicles in the UK.

The new Supercharging site is accessible from the M8, M9, and A720. The Supercharger is in the parking off Almond Road, near the terminal.

Model S drivers gain access to the parking 24 hours a day by pressing the button at the gate and requesting Supercharger access, said Tesla. One hour free parking is complimentary while Supercharging.

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“We’re really pleased to open our first Scottish Supercharger. The location makes travel in and around Edinburgh easy and also enables a route from Edinburgh to both Glasgow and Stirling and beyond,” said Georg Ell, Tesla’s UK Country Director. “It’s an exciting time for Tesla in Scotland. There are plans for an Edinburgh store and service centre next year, so watch this space for more activity.”

Tesla explained a Supercharger replenishes half a charge in about 20 minutes; Supercharger sites are said to be strategically placed along well-traveled routes to allow Model S owners to drive long distances with minimal stops.

Tesla added it has 221 Superchargers in operation worldwide with eight in the UK.