Technology giant Samsung has been granted permission by the authorities in South Korea to begin testing self-driving vehicles.

Samsung is not looking to get into the car manufacturing business, instead looking to develop the components and artificial intelligence software that can then be equipped on other automaker’s vehicles. Samsung plans to use its first self-driving tester to develop an algorithm to deal with adverse weather along with next-generation autonomous components, like cameras.

Samsung has identified the automotive industry as a new source of growth and has already begun gearing up to build car components by purchasing Harman International Industries, an automotive parts supplier.

So far, Samsung has not clinched any supply deals with automakers, though as self-driving vehicle technology becomes more commonplace, it seems like the components and software in development at Samsung will be in demand.

Google recently re-upped on its commitment to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles by purchasing 500 Pacifica minivans, all of which will be outfitted with the technology company’s suite of autonomous gear.

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