Saleen showcased its Tesla-based GTX electric vehicle in Long Beach, during the Formula E race this past weekend.

Displaying their GTX to electric vehicle enthusiasts and ePrix spectators, Saleen stated the car was a hit with the crowd.

Along with displaying his version of the Tesla Model S, Steve Saleen gave a presentation on the future of electric vehicles to the Tesla Club of LA.

“The future of electric vehicles is very exciting,” said Steve Saleen at the presentation, “with mavericks in the industry like Tesla and BMW it is no wonder electric vehicle sales are skyrocketing.”

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Steve Saleen also stated the popularity of the Saleen GTX also proves that electric vehicle owners want to set their vehicles apart.

“We get almost as many calls about our GTX performance parts as we do our 302 parts,” said Molly Saleen, VP of Saleen’s Retail division. “Tesla owners love the fact that a name like Saleen is offering them performance and styling for their vehicles.”

Saleen offers two versions of the GTX, a 380 horsepower, rear-wheel drive version as well as the much-publicized 691 horsepower, all-wheel drive version. Modifications to the Model S include appearance and powertrain parts.