At last week’s Moscow auto show a self-driving shuttle bus was displayed by NAMI, a Russian government-backed automotive research organization.

The bus is a result of a partnership between NAMI, Mercedes-Benz’s parent Daimler, heavy-truck manufacturer Kamaz, and Russia’s Internet search engine giant Yandex.

Kamaz will built the self-driving shuttles, Daimler is providing autonomous technology and, according to Fortune, Yandex will contribute its works in computer vision, AI (artificial intelligence) and speech recognition.

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There is little information about the little electric people carrier other than it seats 12 and can travel around 124 miles (200 km) before recharging.

Shuttle passengers will be able select destinations using a smartphone app that connects to Yandex’s cloud, making the shuttle sort of like an on-demand group taxi.

NAMI will begin testing the battery-powered shuttle bus next year on closed routes.


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