Could the next Volkswagen Beetle have a rear motor and be an EV?

Green Car Reports cites an un-named source from the Paris Motor Show which speculated that when the current Beetle is redesigned for 2019, there’s a chance that instead of sharing the MQB platform with vehicles like the Golf – which is the current thinking – it could share the MEB electric car platform with the upcoming rear-motored I.D. and have a rear-mounted electric motor itself.

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The Beetle, of course, was rear-engined before being resurrected as the New Beetle for modern times, and a few EVs on the market are rear-engined themselves: The BMW i3, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the Smart ED vehicles, and the Tesla Roadster and Model S.

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This doesn’t mean the new Beetle will be an EV – it’s just as likely that VW could continue to give the car gas power and have it ride on the MQB platform. It’s also possible, we suppose, that instead of being an all-electric, as the GCR article hints, that it could be a hybrid with a gas motor up front and an electric motor in the rear.

The report suggests both pro-MQB and pro-MEB factions within the automaker have an equally good chance of getting the decision to go in their favor.

Green Car Reports