Effective today, Ronn Motor Company changed its name to VydroTech, Inc. and refocuses at the same time the purpose of the company.

The new name, VydroTech, stands for visionary hydrogen technology.

Born as an exotic car company developing the hydrogen-powered Scorpion supercar, Ronn Motor Company ended up producing only one car in four years.

While the exotic car dream was languishing, the company’s H2GO hydrogen conversion systems aimed at diesel engines was gaining steam.

The company is now positioning itself to focus on improving fuel consumption and emissions rather than building exotic supercars. The H2GO units offered by the VydroTech are focused on delivering results for three distinct operating platforms – highway diesel trucks; barges, tugboats and launches that operate within coastal waterways; and large land-based diesel generators.

“We made the choice to be a technology company, focusing on developing and delivering revolutionizing “green” technologies” said David McGee, CEO of VydroTech, Inc., in a letter to the shareholders. “This means that moving forward we did not consider ourselves a car company. This choice wasn’t as easy as it may seem. I’ve never had anyone exclaim in excitement, “Look at the wonderful hydrogen unit!” while I have seen plenty of people gush over the fantastic exotic Scorpion supercar. However, given the pressures of the price of fuel and the demand by the public and the government to lower emissions, we felt that we were better positioned to focus on the market of addressing these immediate fuel consumption and emission issues rather than on building exotic supercars.”

As part of the whole reorganization strategy, all operations have been moved from Delaware to Houston, TX.