As the world continues to transition to a greater reliance on hybrid and electric vehicles, there will be a need for electrified transport of all sizes and capabilities. Some companies building electrified vehicles, including Rivian, are aiming to build vehicles suitable for the demands of fleet buyers such as local police forces. Here, a set of renderings from the Rivian Owners Forum envisions how a future Rivian police vehicle might look. Here’s another set of headlights to recognize in your rearview mirror.

rivian forum

A patent filing last year was one sign that Rivian intends to offer configurations of its vehicles for fleets. The patent application, #20190329676, was directed to a new type of seat design that offers greater range of movement, intended to better suit the needs of first responders and others who are often wearing pounds of gear that may be constraining in a typical seat. Time will tell what other innovations Rivian is planning for fleet buyers.


The present inventors have observed that such conventional seating may be unduly constraining for first responders, such as law enforcement personnel, given the variety of gear that may be worn on the body of such a first responder, and the variety of gear that may occupy the front seat region of a first responder vehicle.

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