The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) continues to garner the attention of automakers worldwide.

The Rinspeed Oasis will be on display at next year’s CES, a two-seater electric car with self-driving capabilities. The Swiss automaker says the Rinspeed Oasis is a bit like Star Wars icon R2-D2, since both are capable of turning on their own axis with almost a zero radius. It is also designed to make “a bold statement against the notion of a city jungle requiring multi-ton SUVs for survival,” by being a clever self-driving electric vehicle for the urban sphere.

As you can see by the renderings, the Rinspeed Oasis features open glass panels, while the interior boasts a new living space with the ambience of a modern living room. It includes an armchair, sideboard, TV and a multifunctional steering wheel. In addition, the front windshield also serves as a screen for virtual as well as augmented reality.


Rinspeed believes the Oasis could be used as a commuting or shopping car in the morning, while serving as a micro delivery vehicle for urban parcel services in the afternoon. And then in the evening, it’s a pizza taxi on the drive home thanks to a clever code-protected drawer in the rear that can be cooled or heated as needed.

But what’s the craziest part about the Rinspeed Oasis? There’s an integrated small green space for growing flowers or radishes below the windshield. Even the automaker acknowledges that the Oasis could be a little bit “out there,” but Rinspeed has always been a bit forward-thinking with its concept cars.

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