Add more to the list of high-end electric sports cars – meet the Rimac Concept_S.

With all-wheel-drive and 1,365 horsepower and 1,328 pounds-feet of torque, the Concept_S is projected by Rimac to go from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds with a top speed of around 227 mph.

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In order to make the Concept_S lighter than Rimac’s Concept_One, the company changed the process used to manufacture the carbon-fiber shell while also removing some of the sound deadening material. Other items that separate the Concept_S from the Concept_One include the addition of a front splitter, air deflectors, side skirts, and a rear spoiler. Despite these additions, the car is 110 pounds lighter than the Concept_One.

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The transmission is a dual-clutch two-speed, and each rear wheel is driven independently as part of an all-wheel-drive system with torque vectoring.

The interior is modeled after a race car, with a five-point racing harness and a choice of drive modes that range from being commuter-friendly to race-ready. Sensors pull in all types of relevant data to give drivers feedback – most of it of the performance variety. Weekend racers can download telemetry via a 4G link, in order to analyze their most recent lapping sessions.

The battery has an 82 kwh capacity. The company doesn’t list an estimated range or charge time, but Rimac does say that there is a 22 kw AC on-board charger and an available fast charger of up to 120 kW.